C11 MSL Chronograph

How does that CW-watch look in real life?
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C11 MSL Chronograph

Post by Kip »

c11 chrono-kip.jpg
c11 chrono-kip2.jpg

C11 MSL Auto SKT and C11 MSL Chrono SKK

c11 chrono-kip3.jpg
c11 chrono-kip4.jpg

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Re: C11 MSL Chronograph

Post by eggtronics »

Here are some macro shots of the C11 chrono:





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Re: C11 MSL Chronograph

Post by james80 »


c11 chrono-james80.jpg
c11 chrono-james802.jpg
c11 chrono-james803.jpg
c11 chrono-james804.jpg
c11 chrono-james805.jpg
c11 chrono-james806.jpg
c11 chrono-james807.jpg
c11 chrono-james808.jpg
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Re: C11 MSL Chronograph

Post by tikkathree »


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