Time to pause

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Time to pause

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I’ve set myself a challenge…. No watch purchases in 2024.

This is for a good cause; we want to move house so should use available funds to cover legal fees, stamp duty, new furniture etc.

However, it’s still 2023 so I’ve sneaked in a purchase before the year is over. I really liked the first release of these Prospex Speedtimers and originally picked one up very cheap with a gold dial but I just didn’t gel with it. However, this one with the light blue dial, orange accents and stainless steel (rather than black) bezel has tickled my pickle. That, plus 15% off sealed it.

Limited to 3000 pieces, bracelet and leather strap included.

https://www.fratellowatches.com/introdu ... er-ssc937/
That, plus a Studio Underd0g 02 series which is due in batch 2 sometime in January should keep me happy for a while. I now need to decide if Steffany Blue is the right one for me as the colours are similar to the Seiko above. I might change the order for Pink Lemonade. Decisions, decisions.
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