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Re: Steinhart Ocean 2

Post by Aifo »

Very nice and thank you for sharing Pete, how would you rate the "sapphire crystal" bezel? I consider this THE highlight of the design and from you pictures it appears very well executed. Since I don't owe any watch which bezel is not metal, would like to know your take on that.

Enjoy your catch!
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Re: Steinhart Ocean 2

Post by My Name Is Pete »

I'll get a separate review and photo thread up when I get back home again. I'll also answer some of the questions raised here.
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Re: Steinhart Ocean 2

Post by FieryTowse »

Looking forward to it Pete. I've so far resisted placing an order despite the fact that I was really looking forward to this release and had every intention of getting one. I find myself looking at the pictures posted so far and thinking that it just isn't jumping out at me in quite the same way that the teaser shots did back in January. In the meantime I find myself looking ever more seriously at the Triton 30ATM, although I think it would just be a little bit on the big side and I'm looking for something a little dressier.
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Re: Steinhart Ocean 2

Post by Djmoore70 »

I think it looks great and have just placed an order, I was originally going to go for the ocean one but thought it Was to similar my c60, then the apollon caught my eye but felt it was two large for my wrist so after a week or twos thought I have ordered a ocean 2 in blue with a steel bracelet.


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