My new 7750 chronograph

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Re: My new 7750 chronograph

Post by Monkey »

Dancematt wrote:Lovely watch you have made Androo, not the biggest fan of the dial but its agreeable, i've fallen in love with this little fella from the website you linked above: ... 53eac109ff

Seems a bit expensive for a unknown vintage brand though.

EDIT: Landeron seem to be the e-bays own brand, a bit like Kemmners ....just as nice IMO - i think i might buy this case design and give it a go :)

I've seen that before....not bad looking at all, but I'm wondering what a 'Landeron Valjoux' is, as the mov't is obviously a Val 7733, and Landeron were movement makers in their own right back in the day, so has me a tad puzzled!! :?
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Re: My new 7750 chronograph

Post by Dancematt »

Not sure but in the description it is just described as a valjoux 7733.

I think this case and dial would fit a seagull ST19, Does anyone know a seller for these movements? I've looked around the usual sites (getat, rafflestime etc), failing that....where can one find a 7733/34 for sale? Think that Dodane style of vintage pilot look is superb.
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Re: My new 7750 chronograph

Post by jmarchitect »

Excellent work androo. Brave of you to fiddle around with those miniscule components and the end result looks good- apart from the wonky day!

Thanks for the links- I am still hoping to build my own hand-wound and I am just waiting for a chap to get his act together and open up the case of a pocket watch here in Hastings. If it contains a unitas, I am good to go. If not, I may well get one from the ebay seller you provided the link to. Then onto sourcing a radiomir case and hands and off we go!
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Re: My new 7750 chronograph

Post by village »

Someone has far too much spare time on his hands.... 8)

One of these days i might give it a go. You'll know when 'cause the swearing will be able to be heard far & wide! :silent:
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