MWC Watches?

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MWC Watches?

Post by scampbell61 »

Has anyone had any experience with MWC (Military Watch Company ) watches?

They seem to not have a good reputation.
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Re: MWC Watches?

Post by cincfleet »

Umm, I only have one, a G10, that was specially engraved for the 40th anniversary of the Falklands war. It was from a reseller but came with two NATO straps and certificate. The Lume is good and I have just checked the time keeping, which was most likely corrected on the 14 June and it is currently 17 seconds fast. I am really happy with the quality.
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Re: MWC Watches?

Post by robert75 »

I think the issue most people had was with some of the claims of links to various military around the world. I dont know if thats still the case but generally I have heard good things about their quality and customer service. Not owned one but dont see anything remarkably different from similar styled watches out there but MWC seem to be considerably cheaper.
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Re: MWC Watches?

Post by markwaite »

I own a plexiglass 1989 CWC G10 which has been great in the nine years I have owned it and also a current titanium MWC G10 which is relatively close in spec and my friend owns a CWC sapphire which is about 2 years old I think the MWC titanium and the CWC sapphire are very close and both use the Ronda 715li movement frankly the quality seems the same although the MWC is a bit bigger and my watch has tritium GTLS tubes vs the Luminova on the G10 sapphire (MWC make Luminova variants as well but I prefer GTLS) but both work well at night so I suppose really it comes down to price and the MWC is a lot cheaper.

Interestingly I have spoken to MWC about who they supply and they will not confirm anything but I saw this watch online ... check-over and it’s pretty obvious what it was for to anyone like myself with a security/military background. I mentioned the claims are not by them and they said to me when I spoke to Clinton who manages the office here in the US where I am working “if you find anything allegedly posted by us let us know because we won’t have published anything claiming a specific unit was supplied by us” and he refused to tell me anything about the watch at the link too or the other similar versions I have seen at watch fairs so that seems to be the case.
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