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Re: Breitling SuperOcean.

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xtriple wrote:There's a problem with it :( It's losing 20 seconds a day and I'm not happy (which dwarf I am I'm not disclosing) so I got back in touch with Watchfinders to ask them about it...

No problem. That's out of spec so send it back and we'll sort it under warranty!

Well impressed. Obviously not as good as CWL as they haven't offered to send a returns pack, so I'll have to pay to post it back myself, but that ain't the end of the world.

I asked my local jeweller if they'd do it (before I knew Watchfinder were going to do it for free) and they didn't want to touch it as: A, it's a Breitling (even though it's a pretty standard ETA movement ) and B, the water resistance is too great and they don't want to get involved.

"Send it back to Breitling" was their helpful suggestion!
I'm surprised at the number of watchmakers who won't touch Breitlings. The movement should be easily serviceable given its stock ETA nature. I wonder if they're lacking the 15 sided tool, or don't want to use it for fear of scratching the case back. (I also wonder if they think Breitling uses some complicated in house movement).

I do think the water resistance is also a concern.
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Re: Breitling SuperOcean.

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The only way to get the Breitling case opening tools is to be trained by Breitling. There are generic ones on the market, but the fit is haphazard (I have one) at best, and they are not cheap. One can always try the flat friction ones, but here again somestimes the casebacks are just on to tight.

Most dealers/watchmakers do not want to invest in the improper tools and hope they will get a payback at some point. You also have the issue of getting genuine parts. If not a dealer..not going to happen.

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