A sales regret found its way home....

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Re: A sales regret found its way home....

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Hiya Nigel!!!

The colour combo is pretty unique. Well technically only 99 other beasties exist in the world and probably most are in USA, but im not sure on another watch with this colourway. I love it too!

When a a watch finds its way to an owner who properly loves and appreciates it, nobody can ever complain about sale, purchase, price, timeline etc.
Life has a way of ironing out all the B.S, be that in watchy terms or life in general.

And yeah you may remember the ZW I mentioned.....!

But as much as i have my regrets in selling the ZW and the Breitling, I dont regret selling it to the two people who bought them. Without getting too deep and funky, I really do believe some watches are "meant" for some people. We all like/love watches, and buy daft amounts of these damn things, but I hope people will agree only a small few really get a hold of you. When you find that watch, cherish it, wear it, show it off, and tell everyone about it. Dont keep it in a box or on a shelf ffs!!!!
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