Why do you wear your watch?

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Re: Why do you wear your watch?

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For me, I also like to be punctual and regularly glance at my watch to tell the time, rather than rely on the phone.

It's the only jewellery I wear - no chains, bracelets or rings. I did wear a wedding ring until about 10 years ago when I badly hurt my finger in an accident and it swelled up for some time and the ring was not comfortable. Despite being quite slim, my wife's fingers are quite chunky for a woman and it fits her so she has it now too!

Of course being a watch lover it all makes sense and we enjoy casting occasional admiring glances towards our wrist trinkets during the day, even taking the odd photo (when there is no-one around to think "why is that weirdo taking a photo of their watch?" :lol: )
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Re: Why do you wear your watch?

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missF wrote: Fri Jul 14, 2023 2:28 pm Some the spirits move into and some they don’t...
I like that, and it makes me feel lucky. I'm currently three from three in the spirit world. :D

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