What would be your TOP 10

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Re: What would be your TOP 10

Post by xtriple »

Mike, I seriously think you should consider "your position" re this forum, this kind of selfless, charitable thought is just not welcome! You should be spending the money on watches, wine, fast cars and of course, loos(ish)e women!

Good on yer, Mumsnet beckons :lol: :lol:

Sorry mate, wouldn't wish that on anyone!
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Re: What would be your TOP 10

Post by rcherryuk »

1. Pay off Mortgage and 'improve' flat.
2. Take time out to travel and see everything We want to see.
3. Buy nice little apartment in Venice and see if BA do a 'ticket for life' option ;-)
4. Return to work to promote jealousy with 'proper' tan, laid back attitude, regular weekends away AND greatly enlarged watch collection.

Now ask me to do the same for £45m and you'd get a much different list.


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Re: What would be your TOP 10

Post by jimbo »

1 give some to sisters to clear their mortgages
2 some to dad to spend on a Jag xf
3 a garage rebuild at home, and do up house
4 re do garden
5 total health make over
6 new arse....mines got a crack in it
7 treat some really good friends to a cruise
8 buy houses in village for the kids, and rent them out until they are older so can live where they were bought up, cause as it stands they will not be coming back
9 charity donations
10 buy the wife a new ironing board, and iron...ours is packing up !
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Re: What would be your TOP 10

Post by androo »

mikepj wrote:Only one, A Community centre for our village
I am sure our Andy will be chuffed with that
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Re: What would be your TOP 10

Post by SillentWolf »

1. A house (not to expensive though). We have a rent apartment now.
2. Omega Planet Ocean Liquid Metal, or the new PO with the Keramic bezel (the grey one).
3. Tag Heuer Grand Carrera RS17 or the Carrera Calibre 1887 (maybe both)
4. Some money to help my folks, with there mortgage
5. Some money on the bank account of my young daughter

We are not rich, far from that ... but why spent all that money if you won, a big price.
Better; you can take it to the bank. From the rent alone ... you can live a lifetime.

The sad is; we don't do lottery. So we won't win a price ever.
But you can dream ... right :wink:

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