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Re: Walk on by…

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Good on you, sounds like you are in a good place with your watch ownership, or a temporary lull.
I was in Bluewater earlier this week to buy Mrs soporsche a birthday pressie and stopped to browse the window of 4 or 5 watch stores, no intention of buying. Unfortunately the manager from one of those remembered me and popped out for a chat and invite for coffee as they were quiet.. turns out a buyer had pulled out of a limited run watch (sold out everywhere) and did I want to see it... well you can guess what happened next and its an expensive lesson in dont hang around watch shop windows if you are really into watches 🙄😬
He clearly went fishing and I was caught by the shiny lure on offer 😁

Guess ill start an 'incoming' thread (again) and revisit the consolidation list to fund my horological indiscretion.
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Re: Walk on by…

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Up in the City of London for the day, with my girlfriend/partner, primarily visiting EATALY; London it was hard to resist the sparkly lights of Watches of Switzerland next to Liverpool Street Rail Station nearby.


I was unable to resist a swift perusal of the window displays. :wink: :wink:

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