Rant over sometime soon

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Rant over sometime soon

Post by tikkathree »

This week I sold a watch through EBay which qualifies for their independent authentication service.

Rant 1: my working life as a manager was predicated on the philosophy of "seeing to it that everything goes well" and "if things can possibly go wrong, they will". Because I've read horror stories of things, small items, not reaching the buyer and the independent authenticator denying all knowledge, I've emailed the buyer with photos of everything in the package and a list of what's where: I worried about the three red plastic cards and the spare links. I've also printed that email and photos, stuffed them in an envelope with the buyer's name and popped that on top of the Omega outer box.

I'm rather used to packaging things well to withstand the rigours of postal delivery and to using Special Delivery by Next Day Royal Mail.

Rant 2: What AM I paying for?
It being in Friday I trot down to my local post office and am presented with a choice:

Delivery NEXT DAY will cost £3 more simply because next day is a Saturday. Had the next day been a weekday there would not be an extra cost. Or I don't pay the extra and it doesn't get delivered until Tuesday because Monday is a public holiday. In fact I had no doubts that I would pay the extra to get the watch somewhere tomorrow.

Here's the but... but...

the watch is going to a business address and I wonder
1. Whether anyone will be there to receive the package on a Saturday?
2. Whether the authentication work happens on Saturdays? Sundays?
3. I'm betting a tube of smarties that the watch will be sat on a bench in a deserted workplace on Monday.

My wife knows how to manipulate my moods, I'm now going to bake a cake. :thumbup: :thumbup:
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