PSA: Clean your watches

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PSA: Clean your watches

Post by NationOfLaws »

Human beings are disgusting creatures whose arms are in constant contact with the world outside. Arms are where you wear watches. Just as you clean your arms, so should you clean your watches.

Just today I gave six pieces from my collection a bath. Three of them had been exposed to seawater, and the others have been exposed to the horrors of our world, such as they are, incomprehensible as they may be.

My process is simple: first, make sure the crowns are screwed down (where applicable). Do not clean watches without doing this first. You will have a very expensive paperweight.

Next, fill a bowl with tepid water and mild dish soap. If your watch is water resistant to a depth greater than two inches, submerge the watch in the water. Scrub the surfaces gently with a soft bristled brush. (If the watch does not possess sufficient water resistance for cleaning I suggest binning the watch. Buy a watch made for adults.) It would probably be a good idea to separate the watch bracelet from the head, especially if the bracelet is made of some sort of leather, or sugar? Do not neglect the bracelet or strap. It has shared trauma with your watch head and with you.

I did not say this earlier but I feel you should have anticipated it: fill a different bowl with clean water. Do not put soap in here! This is water for rinsing. Rinse your scrubbed and washed watch thoroughly. Or do so under a sink. I do not care.

Finally, dry your watch with a soft, lint-free cloth. Admire it as it sparkles and remember that nothing lasts. Things fall apart; the center cannot hold. The paths of glory lead but to the grave.

Repeat this process occasionally until you have sold your watches or until you have died.
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Re: PSA: Clean your watches

Post by Amor Vincit Omnia »

I enjoyed that. Nice to see a soupçon of humour creeping into the forum occasionally.

The Swiss term is défromagement.
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Re: PSA: Clean your watches

Post by sinner777 »

I recommend curaprox toothbrushes for that (used ones... Just boil them for a few minutes and dry) and cheapest dental floss. As it comes to cleaning, since the Covid we all have stashed hand wash in large quantities stashed some where. Use those If they are ethanol based.

For scratches on titanium watches, use rubber erasers (red/blue ones). They do a wonderfull job.

For vintage watches, use the silver polish clothes for finishing touches and all of the above. Just be care full when you apply ethanol. When it evaporates, it cools down the surface. Due to difference between acrylic crystals and alloy cases, crystals can pop out or break.

You can also clean leather straps with sodium bicarbonate and vinegar.

Nato straps? Just wash them with socks.

Follow me for more advice on horological higiene.
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