Posting a gift to Canada

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Posting a gift to Canada

Post by Paul Drawmer »

I'm sure there's someone on here who knows how to do this...

I'm sending an electronic circuit board to my Brother in Canada as a gift. (it's a DSP unit if you're interested)
The value is £125.00 Whilst not trying to evade any Canadian taxes, I really don't want my Brother to have to pay a 'handling fee'. How is the best way to do this?
Does sending it as a gift make any difference?
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Re: Posting a gift to Canada

Post by NigelS »

For what its worth I too have a brother who lives in BC. I send all sorts of stuff to him and for Canada you have to put the Customs Declaration (available from all PO's) on the front of the parcel. I put Nil value and describe the item as a gift, if its electronics might also be worthwhile to put 'secondhand circuitboard' (which it is as you've already bought and owned it albeit for a short time) or whatever.
Its worth remembering that all Customs are run from a textbook set out originally by the Geheime Staatspolizei!
Good luck !
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