Post a picture from your latest ride

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Re: Post a picture from your latest ride

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PL1957 wrote: Sat Oct 09, 2021 8:46 pm
richtel wrote: Not sure how I missed this. Lovely old GS thou! About '79/'80? One of the original superbikes. Any foibles keeping the old girl running with unleaded and E10?
It was first registered in May 1980, I bought one (not this one) exactly the same colour brand new in June 1980. I picked this one up in boxes about 10 years ago and spent a couple of years restoring it. Lovely old thing that unlike some classics you could use every day if you were so inclined
Japanese bikes have been designed to run on unleaded since the early 70's. As for E10 I just put "Super" E5 in all my bikes now and don't leave it in there for extended periods.

A nice alternative to these other two.
Great looking stable you have there. Very cool. I'm sure they all ride beautifully, yet so different. :thumbup:
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Re: Post a picture from your latest ride

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Managed a 27 miler on The Focus today making the most of some decent weather.

Staverton Marina
Bradford on Avon
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Re: Post a picture from your latest ride

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Did our annual end of the season ride last week. End-to-end through the city on singletrack. 44.4 km, with 650 m elevation gain.
year-end ride.jpg
The G-Shock was along for the ride.
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