MagSafe and movements

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MagSafe and movements

Post by abeardsley2020 »

Brought an iPhone 12 MagSafe case do you think it will effect / magnetise my watch in normal use?
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Re: MagSafe and movements

Post by Trs1982 »

I’ve got a MagSafe charger on my bedside table which my three year old placed my C60 Sunrise on, because that’s what I do with my Apple Watch.

I didn’t put two and two together until it went in to CW for repair because it was running fast. They told me that it needed demagnetising, and the only magnetic item that I could remember it going near was that charger.

Not sure about cases for phones though; I’ve just made sure that I’m more careful around the charger now. I have got a few MagSafe cases, and I use my phone in the same hand that I’m wearing my watch, so perhaps the magnets in the case aren’t particularly strong.
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Re: MagSafe and movements

Post by rkovars »

I wouldn't worry about normal use. You want to avoid direct contact. Magnetic fields decrease in strength the further from the source you get via the inverse square law. Which means it degrades quickly the further you get. Magnetism is also cumulative so every time the watch is exposed it would get a little more magnetized. iPhones and iPads have a lot of rare earth magnets which can be quite powerful.

There are also magnets where you might not expect. Here are a couple of pics of my iPhone using ferromagnetic paper.

Back showing the MagSafe connection point.
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Re: MagSafe and movements

Post by MistaFroggyG »

abeardsley2020 wrote:Brought an iPhone 12 MagSafe case do you think it will effect / magnetise my watch in normal use?
I do not. I’ve had MagSafe since its release and charge my phone on a magsafe charger next to my watch holder. No issues at all and demagnetizing is cheap and easy even if it does happen
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