I was taking some pics for sales corner...

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Re: I was taking some pics for sales corner...

Post by iain »

I can’t help you Lindsey, I can be as impulsive selling as I can buying. As soon as my mind is made up it’s gone and I’ve only really got one regret in all the time I’ve been selling.
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Re: I was taking some pics for sales corner...

Post by nbg »

Lindsey you mention the bracelet in first post. What is it about the bracelet that you think is lacking?

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Re: I was taking some pics for sales corner...

Post by missF »

@nbg - there’s two things about the bracelet and both have to do with wearability. The first is that i like bracelets to feel quite substantial, and this one is a little on the refined / light side. The second is that with the SS bezel and the blue colour of the dial (cool /cold colour) I don’t like the look of the watch on the bracelet. Too much of coldness - to me the watch looks much better on brown leather to add some warmth and highlight the twinkle of the bezel

That’s it really :thumbup:
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Re: I was taking some pics for sales corner...

Post by magicman »

missF wrote: Tue Jul 18, 2023 6:49 pm An old vintage 20mm strap squidgy enough to fit. I’ll wear it for a few days. For now - it’s still not convincing me... Probably sales corner but it is a beautiful watch so I’ll give it one last chance...

Looks great, I found natos at plus 1mm sizes can also fit, I'm sure you must have some 20mm ones in your collection.

Regards Steve
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