How the eyes and brain adjust…

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How the eyes and brain adjust…

Post by Amor Vincit Omnia »

Apologies for another size related thread, but we’ve had quite a few discussions recently, especially with the introduction of more 36 mm watches (midsize/unisex?) by CW.

I spent most of last week wearing my Glycine, as I got a new strap for it. At 40 mm it’s not quite my largest watch, and given the sizeable bezel, the dial/crystal measures 32 mm across. It’s chunky but not obtrusively so.


On Saturday, with a quiet weekend coming up, I decided it would be nice to wear a vintage watch for a change, and put on my 1961 Omega cal. 286. The case measures 33 mm and the crystal 29 mm. I immediately noticed the difference in size and weight, but after a short while it seemed perfectly natural. I’ve been wearing it for the last 48 hours (during which time it has gained a grand total of three seconds). Beautiful, light, unobtrusive and totally legible.


I used to wear vintage watches most of the time some years ago, but I’ve taken to wearing larger watches more often these days. My brain seems to adjust fairly quickly to a difference of up to 10 mm in size. I know some of you don’t wear anything smaller than about 40 mm and some definitely prefer smaller watches. What I’m interested in is: if you do wear a range of sizes, how long does it take your eyes and brain to adjust?
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Re: How the eyes and brain adjust…

Post by Dickchins »

My teeny tiny brain refuses to accept smaller watches! My wrist is only 7.5" so ive not got massive wrists, but smaller than 40mm and my minds eye just says no!

I loved my Sapphire, which was my first ever CW but sold it because it just looked smaller than it was. For some people that would be great news but for me it just ruined it. I cant even blame the fact that if I actually know a case size, my mind refuses to deal with it, as back then I had no experience of case sizes in relation to thickness and shape. Lug-lug measurements and how they change a watch, were alien to me. My eyes just said no!

(If CW ever do a 42mm version, im a customer!)

I spent yesterday wearing my Zelos Mako which is 40mm and wears quite small to me. Im wearing my Zero West today, which is 44mm and quite a chunky beast, on quite a chunky leather strap but my minds eye just accepts that straight away.

If I keep between 40 and 45mm, my eyes just dont register a problem. There may be a watch out there that breaks this rule but ive not found it yet!
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Re: How the eyes and brain adjust…

Post by missF »

I feel I take quite a long time to adjust. To the extent that I try a 'small' watch and then take it off again within the day because it's just taking too long to adjust and I'm not enjoying wearing it.

Perhaps it's like @Dickchins says - below a certain size there's nothing my mind can do to adjust. It just rejects!

Perhaps this is also why my Watch of Total Satisfaction is the AT at 38.5mm, and not the Datejust at 36mm that I really always thought was going to be the watch I stretched for :-k

(#omegacrew :lol: )
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Re: How the eyes and brain adjust…

Post by JAFO »

I wore my 34mm vintage omega for at least 30 years. Other than that I am inured to 40mm plus, and rarely choose to wear smaller watches. Also 7.5inch wrist.

Is it like TV screens? Ours is 56inch, and we won't be downsizing to a 36inch anytime ever. :D
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Re: How the eyes and brain adjust…

Post by nbg »

I pick a watch up. I put it on. Simples. I matters not whether it is 34mm or 42mm. No thought ever enters my mind about having to get used to a significant difference in size.

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