How often do you look at your movements?

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Re: How often do you look at your movements?

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nbg wrote: Tue Jun 21, 2022 1:38 pm When I saw the title I was rather apprehensive about opening the thread. :shock:

I thought that I may have wandered into a specialist interest forum on the dark recesses of the internet! :lol:

Yes, well this may be "Offtopic" but perhaps not quite that far...
You did make me laugh out loud though :lol: - that never really occurred to me when I tapped out the topic line. :thumbup:
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Re: How often do you look at your movements?

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Absolutely- gazing at the beating heart of your mechanical watch is one of the core pleasures in admiring the miniature mechanical machine you otherwise take for granted.

Who can honestly say that they've not had occasion to Dunnyfidget ?

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