His and Hers

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His and Hers

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Ok, so this set of skeletons is not my idea of a perfect pairing, and although I didn't really want to do it, the fellow who is buying the pair as a wedding gift assured me that both the recipients will be quite happy with their respective watch. Like the two people who are entering this marriage and who are cut from similar cloth but quite different from eachother, so are the watches - his rational,... which does actually make sense.
But he also insisted on a single presentation box for both watches, a symbol of unity, of marriage. That makes sense too, and with total creative control over the design left up to me, I proceeded to make such a single, singular box....

This is not the first 'out of the box' presentation box I have ever made, but it is the first double one!

Mahogany, bamboo and leather...

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Re: His and Hers

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Fantastic work, these look great!
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