Happy birthday robert75!

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Happy birthday robert75!

Post by missF »

Very happy birthday! :wave:
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Re: Happy birthday robert75!

Post by JAFO »

Wishing you a very happy birthday

:cheers: :party: :birthday2:
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Re: Happy birthday robert75!

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Many happy returns. :birthday2:
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Re: Happy birthday robert75!

Post by Kip »

Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your birthday weekend.

"Asylum Administrator"

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Re: Happy birthday robert75!

Post by welshlad »

Happy Birthday! :)
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Re: Happy birthday robert75!

Post by robert75 »

I have not posted much on the forum for a while but I got a little birthday gift toady :D


Absolutely delighted with the watch.

Fits perfect on my wrist though I do think it would be a bit bulky on a thinner wrist. As far as I know they are painted or chemical treated blue numbers and hands but they look fine and no different from heat blued hands and numerals on watches I have owned. The watch strap is lovely really soft, a little thick I got this colour because I thought it would look better with the vintage vibe of the watch rather than the standard blue.

Negatives I would say the crown when winding doesnt feel too firm but nothing major to get too concerned about. Hacking movement which is a bonus unlike the Stowa Antea. I think if you are more used to Unitas style watches you may feel that the winding is a little fragile but if you have had say the Stowa Antea or similar then it wouldnt be a problem.

There is a lot going on with this watch a lot of real depth I was going to use this as a bit of a work watch but I think I like it too much for that :D

Mine has a personal engraving on the back, the engraving is OK I think I am a little spoilt having had a Dornbluth engraved!

Yes, I was so happy to wear it I didnt bother setting the time!
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Re: Happy birthday robert75!

Post by magicman »

Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your new watch.

Regards Steve
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Re: Happy birthday robert75!

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

You've clearly had a fabulous day, but best wishes all the same. :birthday:


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Re: Happy birthday robert75!

Post by thomcat00 »

Happy birthday!
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