GQ Watch Guide

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GQ Watch Guide

Post by JAFO »

Fascinating long scroll through 114 watch brands, by GQ magazine. Definitely worth a look. We are in there! :D
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Re: GQ Watch Guide

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

Thanks for this.

Definitely a long scroll with adverts every 4th or 5th brand. :-k :-k

A decent, wide ranging selection though.


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Re: GQ Watch Guide

Post by iain »

That’s quite a list. There’s pretty much something for everyone in there, from absolute stunners to ones that made me want to pour bleach in my eyes to wash away the sight. Sadly my iPad threw a fit and kept reloading the page every time I reached the letter S, so I didn’t make it to the end.

Is the Baume and Mercier dial a copy of the CW sapphire?

The Anderson Geneve I've seen before but would love to see the automaton on the back in action. The Louis Vuitton snake looks interesting. Not sure I’d ever want to actual wear either of them though.

And I never knew that the VII on the Cartier tank contained a small Cartier logo hidden within.

Thanks for sharing
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Re: GQ Watch Guide

Post by Amor Vincit Omnia »

iain wrote: Sat Jan 15, 2022 9:25 am And I never knew that the VII on the Cartier tank contained a small Cartier logo hidden within.
Pay attention, that boy at the back! :klugscheisser:


I agree with your overall findings: some beautiful, sensible and very desirable choices mixed in with a few horror shows, in some cases from companies who make much nicer things. It seems that in the upper echelons of watchmaking we have a split between brands who just produce wonderful things (ALS, Patek and so on) and those who seem to want to dine out on shocking and showing how clever they are. Would I pay a six figure sum for a visual joke? I think not.
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Re: GQ Watch Guide

Post by strapline »

^^ ^^

Yes, Frankenwatch as I call it. Some high horology is a lot like haute couture, completely tasteless. Look at some of the major fashion shows in the world; some of the designs are ludicrous and outrageously expensive. This is why the likes of Armani has prevailed in the industry: beautiful, timeless tailoring that make men and women look their best. I mean who really wants to wear a lampshade on their head whilst dressed in a bin liner?

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Re: GQ Watch Guide

Post by asqwerth »

This was a very helpful catch-up list for someone like me who hasn't really bothered with what's going on in the watch world.

Only 3 watches caught my attention enough to do further googling:

1. the Joker Automaton watch - not my thing, looks ugly, but I wanted to see what the card-playing automaton on the back looked like

2. Frederique Constant's Monolithic Manufacture watch - watch looked good and I wanted to find out more about the silicon oscillator. Fascinating read.

3. Montblanc's 1858 Geosphere - nice looking, and the 2 subdials with the northern and southern hemispheres interested me. The web research brought me to reviews of the non-limited edition blue version. Nice.

I think I have very conservative tastes. There were some nice or pleasant watches, but some were really ugly (the sort that brings an involuntary "eeek!" to my mouth). Some of the movements were of course technically impressive, but I can't say the watches themselves were always aesthetically pleasing.
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