Feelings or looks?

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Re: Feelings or looks?

Post by ajax87 »

I choose whatever strikes me right in the morning. Sometimes I'll make the choice the evening before.

Sometimes if I really want to wear a particular shirt/outfit, I'll choose the watch that goes with it the best.

Sometimes when I really want to wear a specific watch, I'll change into an outfit that complements it.

Do I have a problem? If I do, I don't care :D
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Re: Feelings or looks?

Post by nbg »

Bahnstormer_vRS wrote: Thu Aug 24, 2023 2:10 pm My watch for the day is selected the night before, to allow me to pick up and wear it in the morning.

No particular rhyme or reason other than, maybe, a nod to what I will be doing / wearing the following day.

Today is 'The Beast' to give it a full day's wear having sized the bracelet yesterday, to check it's comfortable.


An additional reason is that it's suitable for a visit to the Skoda main dealer I used to work for, and see a former colleague who kinda enjoys his watch, about changing my car. :wink: :wink:

Flipping already?

You have only had the other one about 5 minutes!😀

That’s the car I am referring to, not a watch. As a new watch every 5 minutes seems par for the course.😀

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Re: Feelings or looks?

Post by thomcat00 »

As I’m in tshirt and jeans most every day, the watch choice is entirely mood dependent. My days in the summer are driven more by weather than days of the week. Today is the Vario Empire. It could be the same tomorrow. Or the Galvin. Or not. Lately it’s often been some flavor C65. Strap or bracelet? Depends on the mood at the time. :D
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