Favourite Pairs of Hands

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Re: Favourite Pairs of Hands

Post by iain »

Some great responses so far. I see many of you are going for hands that have character or fit with the overall look of the watch. I suppose if I think about this a little deeper, while I have selected the IWCs for as @downer puts it ‘function over form’, they do fit in really well with the overall design of the watches. This probably explains why I’m drawn to certain watches and not others.

As much as I admire Grand Seiko, the legibility of the hands does put me off them. No lume and as I said in my OP, I find polished hands often disappear in the wrong light.

@Ttf23 my El Primero and a couple of my IWC chronographs have had seconds hands that angle down. Like my comments on my Rolex, it’s only when you live with some watches that these hidden features start to reveal themselves.

@jkbarnes nice choice, I didn’t see it coming but I can see why you’ve included them in the discussion.
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Re: Favourite Pairs of Hands

Post by thomcat00 »

For the Ming aesthetic, the watch hands are spot on.
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Re: Favourite Pairs of Hands

Post by strapline »

asqwerth wrote: Sat Jan 06, 2024 6:49 am The heat blued leaf hands on my Montblanc calendar moonphase.

They are so pretty and refined. And the colour pops against the white dial under the right light (and angle).
That is about as elegant as a watch can get. I love the hands, I love it all. Just gorgeous.

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Re: Favourite Pairs of Hands

Post by asqwerth »

jkbarnes wrote: Fri Jan 05, 2024 8:04 pm Offered up in all seriousness…

Now that Steamboat Willy's copyright has expired, I guess third parties can now make watches with that version of Mickey. :D

[so long as they display their own trademark and make it clear they are not using the character as a trademark]
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Re: Favourite Pairs of Hands

Post by welshlad »

One of my favourite hand-sets from the CW watches I've owned is on the original C3. I really love their elegance and the length/taper of the minute hand, in particular. The layered dial clearly makes a big difference too, as I didn't really like the similar hands on the later versions without the layered dial.

2021-11-10 12.22.18.jpg

I also really like the snowflake hands on Tudors, as seen here on my BB54:

2023-05-19 20.38.44-1.jpg

And, as mentioned a couple of times already, the broad arrow hands on the Planet Ocean are the supreme examples of legibility and ease of reading, which I never tire of:

2023-04-21 15.47.07.jpg
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Re: Favourite Pairs of Hands

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

No huge reasons as to why I like these two sets of hands, other than they sprung to mind whilst reading through this thread.

Black needle hands from my C900 SPC


Skeleton hands on my Hanhart Primus Pilot Desert Dark LE.



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Re: Favourite Pairs of Hands

Post by Greatpotfarm »


Wonderful photos in this thread!!!😍

In my opinion, hands on a time gage are an extension of the dial. They can be as exquisite as possible, but if they don't match the dial, well, who cares how beautiful they are. Readability is very high on the list, but sometimes not the most important aspect on hand selection. The overall display under the crystal, its cohesion, the extension, the complementary play... That is what makes each aspect, including hands, stand out.

To be honest, although I appreciate perfection in execution, form and style are much more important to me.

Here are a few photos of some of my attempts at that harmony...

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Re: Favourite Pairs of Hands

Post by Kansas City Milkman »

Let me just add to the GS appreciation society. Such precision and quality
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Re: Favourite Pairs of Hands

Post by magicman »

jkbarnes wrote: Fri Jan 05, 2024 8:04 pm Offered up in all seriousness…

Are those gloves lumed ?

Regards Steve
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