Cross pens - wonderful customer service!

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Cross pens - wonderful customer service!

Post by Drmarkf »

I'm prompted to give a plug to Cross pens for some beyond-the-call-of-duty customer support (I expect there will be people here interested in pens...)

I've always liked Cross products and I own a number of their fountain, ballpoint and gel pens and propelling pencils and I bought my daughter a Cross rollerball gel pen last Spring.
My daughter cross-threaded her pen at the end of last year, and I managed to drop on our gravel drive and drive over (!) my 5-year old Century II matte black & 9ct gold rollerball pen around the same time.
The cap fittings of both pens were damaged, and the matte black 'ceramic' body of mine was dented. I filled in Cross' online repairs form and sent both pens off with return postage of 11 quid just before Christmas, explaining that I'd be happy with a quote just for repairing the cap lock on mine.

Well, with no further payment request or communication, we recently received both pens back, mended!

I think they have just replaced the body of mine with the body of another one they've salvaged - I can see absolutely no evidence that they might have rolled-out the dent, and yet the body does have the faintest patina of use and doesn't look entirely new. Both caps now fit like new, and we both got new gel refills for free.

So, we're delighted :clap:

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Re: Cross pens - wonderful customer service!

Post by f1colin »

I wish Mont Blanc were equally helpful - NOT! They ended up quoting me more than a new Meisterstuck when my barrel was damaged accidentally. This could rapidly go off topic to Curmudegeons Corner.....

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Re: Cross pens - wonderful customer service!

Post by Amor Vincit Omnia »

Good to hear that, Mark; I've had Cross pens for many years. I only use cheap rollerballs at work though, because I leave them lying all over the place!
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Re: Cross pens - wonderful customer service!

Post by robert75 »

Lovely pens I own a Cross pen set so good to hear about the quality customer service.
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Re: Cross pens - wonderful customer service!

Post by jimbo »

I can also say great service, on reading this thread I thought I'd have a look, and ended out buying my wife a pen for her birthday. Had it engraved, ordered on Friday, and it arrived this morning (Monday)

Looks like a nice pen, well wrapped and the 2-5 days delivery was spot on........she did well this year (22 again)...a pen, a couple of "Weird Fish" tops, hand cream.......(apparently slows down the aging process.....but i don't see any evidence of this.....especially on her face creams......i find that if i drink a shed load of beer she looks younger....and it's far bloody cheaper !)....she also got a treadmill....this is in fact useful, as i get the old bag to walk on a dynamo, and she powers the lights at the same time...sorted :lol:

so thanks for the heads up....she happy :D
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