Black Friday 2022

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Black Friday 2022

Post by Kip »

In order to be clear regarding "Black Friday" .....

I have been advised by CW that Christopher Ward are choosing not to participate in a traditional Black Friday sale this year as they have for the last few years. Instead, they will be raising money and awareness for their partner: The Blue Marine Foundation. They will be donating 10% of all blue dial sales over the 4-day sale period to the foundation."

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Re: Black Friday 2022

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

Thanks for the info Kip.

I recently looked back at the emails about last year's Black Friday sale (15% off) and CW hinted in their final one that 'next year' (now) would be different.

Kudos to them for sticking to their guns.

One thing I'm finding in general though this year, is that Black Friday Sales started for many retailers, in UK at least, up to two weeks ago. :grumble: :grumble:


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Re: Black Friday 2022

Post by Amor Vincit Omnia »

^^^ Funny you should say that, Guy. I was thinking something very similar. But what can you expect, when Christmas starts in September?
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Re: Black Friday 2022

Post by Thegreyman »

I think it's a sign of where CW are now that they don't need to have a Black Friday sale. Past sales have seen less popular models mainly being sold (e.g. the C65 Trident Diver). It seems to me that current models such as the Aquitaine, Sealander are likely more commercially successful and so there isn't a load of slow moving stock needing to be shifted, I doubt CW need the working capital injection a sale would bring either, having just shifted the best part of £2m worth of Bel Cantos.

The halo effect of the Bel Canto must help too and be bring more new customers to CW.

Having fewer sales and discounts can only reinforce residuals for CW watches, it's clearly a conscious policy of CW to reduce the amount of discounting and good to see them being able to achieve that.
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