C65 Dartmouth

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C65 Dartmouth

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DISCLAIMER: a lot of the comparisons in this review are versus the C65 Trident Diver. I know they are not direct competitors, different pricing, spec, etc., but as you read on you’ll understand why that’s a good reference point for me.

I bought a C65 Trident Diver in the summer, attached to the retro vibe and the distinctive blue dial, but I quickly found myself being annoyed by a few things on the dial and in particular only having the 12 and 6 markers. I still wanted something with a retro feel and a blue dial, so I took a gamble and sold my C65 Trident and a C8 Worldtimer to fund the C65 Dartmouth.

I went with the blue dial on bracelet, I didn’t particularly like that combo from pictures on the forum but did not want to find myself hunting for a bracelet down the line if I changed my mind. As I had some change to spare from my sales I also opted to buy an additional vintage leather oak strap, that colour offset to the blue of the C65 Trident Diver worked a treat so I was hoping for the same with the Dartmouth.

Initial thoughts
As I bought the bracelet version and added the leather strap it arrived on the bracelet. My first impression was the same as I felt when looking at forum photos, it wasn’t great. I immediately swapped to leather strap, and everything changed. The two colours looked perfect, and the bracelet has been safely stored away (maybe never to be seen again 🤦🏻‍♂️)

Dial and case
A very different blue to the C65 Trident, much darker and deeper. Part of this will be because the blue is paired with white on the Dartmouth, versus the vintage off white/beige of the C65 Trident, but the Dartmouth blue doesn’t have the overly retro vibe. Maybe this gives it more longevity in a collection because it’s less overtly trying to be retro, but either way I’m a huge fan of both blues, and they work really well against the vintage strap.

The Dartmouth’s light catcher case is superb, and it does all kinds of cool things with sunlight (the photo is from a very overcast day so it didn’t pop as usual). The addition of the raised box sapphire bring a cool element when it gets hit by light from the side, you get this blue fire type ring around the outside. You can see that blue fire ring it in all the marketing photos, but it’s also very true to life, see photos attached.

I have the series 1 Dartmouth, but with the screw down crown (maybe this makes it v1.1?), I don’t plan to take it diving but reassuring that if I ever decided to I’d have the preferred version.

Size-wise it’s just on my lower limit. I have slight wrists at 7”, but I don’t like small watches so anything less than than this would be too small (it’s what stops me buying a Sealander).

I have a very modest collection of watches, only CW if you ignore the various £10 Casio’s I have to take surfing. So part of the fun in my collection is trying to tick lots of watch features/functions in a collection of four (it’s 5 now, but I’ve downgraded my C4 from the watch box to the beater pile). I have dress, diver, flyer, and sports, a display back, a chronograph, a GMT, but I did have a gap in COSC specification, and this watch ticked the box for me.

A little further down the line
So all of the above was initial impressions. I’m now a few weeks in and still absolutely loving this one, a definite keeper. On the tan leather strap its very versatile, for those who like to match watches to outfits you can pair it with tan items, plain steel/silver for the case or blue for the dial. For those who don’t care about matching watches and outfits, it looks great in its own right.
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