Where do you keep your daily watch?

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Re: Where do you keep your daily watch?

Post by rkovars »

I have a Watch Cone that sits on my nightstand. At the end of the day I put the watch there. I usually change it out the next day but if I decide not to and wear it again it is ready to go.

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Re: Where do you keep your daily watch?

Post by Murphy20 »

I have a watchwinder that has one too few winders, so one watch always has to sit on the bedside table. Usually a no date model, so I don’t have the reset the date whenever I wear it.
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Re: Where do you keep your daily watch?

Post by Leon O »

Most of my watches are in watchboxes. I keep about 4 on my dresser and rotate those watches. I stopped wearing my watch at night when we got a metal bed frame. It is noisy when I bang my watch against the frame in the middle of the night.

I can fit as many as 3 in the tray my daughter made me for Father's day a few years ago.
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Re: Where do you keep your daily watch?

Post by asqwerth »

On a table in my room, I keep my 4 quartz watches, and a selection of 3 or 4 mechanical watches that are rotated from my collection (yes, that's still a fair number to leave on the table).

The selected group will contain a vintage, a sports watch, an auto and/or a manual wind. I wear what I feel like from this group and the quartz ones.

The rest are in watch boxes/cases in a cupboard. I don't really have a fixed period for rotation. Depends on my mood and whether I'm feeling lazy or up for a change.
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Re: Where do you keep your daily watch?

Post by tikkathree »

NationOfLaws wrote: Sun Jun 19, 2022 9:04 pm
Amor Vincit Omnia wrote: Sun Jun 19, 2022 9:01 pm ^^^ I never found the bath or the horse**** that comfortable. I prefer a bed.
To each his own but I find that alternating between the two does wonders for my skin. The order in which you use them matters greatly.
I find tremendous benefits to my general health and my sleep patterns among other things if my bedtime arms are free of bracelets, buckles, clasps, crowns, pushers and all the other physical attributes of a watch which (according to Sod's Law) will accidentally engage with the body of my recumbent and sleeping wife.

Honestly, I'd no more wear a watch in bed than I would socks or a collar and tie. :lol:

Pedantically "My daily watch" doesn't exist. Today's watch will sit on my night stand until the movement runs down to standstill. Tomorrow's watch will have been on my wrist for the evening so is also on the night stand, as is a quartz watch with excellent lume and a loud alarm. In fact this watch reaches out to me telepathically at 15 minutes before the alarm is due to sound: it whispers in my ear "You can wait for me to wake everyone in the room or you can do the gentlemanly thing and get up now without creating a disturbance?"
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Re: Where do you keep your daily watch?

Post by Nickp1234 »

Well mine stays on my wrist all of the time, even when sleeping. The only time it comes off is in the bath or shower!!!
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Re: Where do you keep your daily watch?

Post by Stif »

I tend to wear a watch for a handful of days before swapping, and generally just wear them to bed (unless it's really hot, which isn't often in Scotland!) - when I do take my daily off (to shower usually) then I just lay it out on my desk.

My wedding ring hasn't left my finger since a week or so after I got married, when showing someone the engraving asked incredulously 'you take your ring off?!?' (So that's about 11 and a half years it's been collecting grime for me!) :lol:

I also wear glasses and have a wooden 'nose' on my desk that I pop those on every night (and when I'm working as I don't need them for screen use)
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Re: Where do you keep your daily watch?

Post by Thegreyman »

Today’s watch on the wrist till I go to bed then stuck in the top drawer in my room. Tomorrow’s watch might be that same watch or another still sitting in a watch box, I’ll decide on a whim in the morning.

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Re: Where do you keep your daily watch?

Post by L55HEM »

Keep mine on this raised pad after wearing watches to bed for years and somehow one night swung my wrist into my mirrored bedside table and thought, that’s gonna leave a ding… but thankfully no damage to watch and or bedside table but thought if I accidentally did the same to my wife’s head she’d be super unhappy and would defo leave a ding in her head
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Re: Where do you keep your daily watch?

Post by nbg »

I always think that these look rather cool. :)
A bit pricey, albeit hardly an issue for those who can afford to buy the brand of watch that they are normally associated with.

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