Where are all the new bronzes?

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Re: Where are all the new bronzes?

Post by Kip »

We need those photos of the Aquitaine Bronze COSC here. :D

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Re: Where are all the new bronzes?

Post by David. S »

NationOfLaws wrote: Sat May 28, 2022 8:40 pm
Robotaz wrote:
hogwldfltr wrote:Maybe another shot for good measure.

Oh wow that is brand spanking new bronze.

Is it coated like some are doing to “hold off” the patina?
Great question. I really like the fresh bronze look but am not wild about the patina that forms. It’s too bad because I would’ve considered the COSC version in steel or in bronze if the patina wasn’t a feature. I get why people enjoy it though.

Its pretty easy to remove the patina that forms on bronze watches, just search it on YouTube, you can keep it looking new and fresh if you prefer.

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Re: Where are all the new bronzes?

Post by SpAwN_BG »

hogwldfltr wrote:Received this a couple of days ago. First bronze and first sapphire bezel insert.

May I ask you to upload more photos, please?
I am about to pull the trigger for the same one…
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Re: Where are all the new bronzes?

Post by strapline »

Just came across this for those that might not have discovered it. It's a review of the new Aquitaine bronze COSC. It has some superb close up photography of the dial and case. He also shows the watch on a black sailcloth strap which looks brilliant imo. The watch has developed a lot of patination (which I seem to like), apparently after only two weeks wear. Anyway, there's some great close up stuff contained within if you're toying with the watch.

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