What would you change about your CW?

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Re: What would you change about your CW?

Post by JAFO »

The CW I wear most is my blue C65 vintage handwinder, and I wouldn't change a thing, although I love display case backs on any watch.

I can see ways it night have been designed differently, and I am not sure if I would like it more with no numbers, rather than the 12 and 6, but this is the way CW designed it, and it suits me fine. I like this design as much anything else in the C65 range, and more than most. I am a certain vintage myself, and have always hand wound watches, and to me an automatic was a novelty.
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Re: What would you change about your CW?

Post by KevinB »

I would have loved my Trident GMT 38 to have 2 4 and 6 instead of the 15 minute timer function. It wasn't a deal breaker and I love the white face and red bezel, but if I could make one change it would be this. The watch is perfect in nearly every other way. It is easily my most complimented watch as it is.
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