What's your accuracy?

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Re: What's your accuracy?

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Deks wrote: Tue Aug 17, 2021 2:04 am I've given up trying to understand the accuracy of my CW automatic watches. They are creatures with a life of there own. One day they are within 5 secs of when set to then a day later they are 30 sec's slow as an example. I would say you need to wear them for the best way to get the best average accuracy
I used to find the same, with the watches listed above, which are the ones I wear in rotation.

I then started using winders for the automatics and keeping the hand wind watches fully wound (almost) every day (even though being SH21 they could run for days).

Doing this, the accuracy is eerily constant over many months now :thumbup:
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Re: What's your accuracy?

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^^^ I’ve always had this theory that watches perform best when they are kept running and are worn. If a watch has been sitting in a box for a long time it always seems to take a day or 2 to get back to optimal performance, and actually wearing the watch tends to eliminate the positional variations incurred by leaving it in one position even if it is wound.

It’s one reason why I have taken to wearing each of my watches for a week or more. And another justification for the idea that we probably have too many watches.
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Re: What's your accuracy?

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My C60 Elite 1000 is in for the 3rd time this year after starting the lose 5 mins/week. Not great for a COSC movement. Second time in, the movement wasn't fixed but the pressure gasket had failed durimg the fix and moisture was inside the watch. This was while being worn all day and taken off to sleep.
Currently wearing a 1966 1016 Explorer than didn't need winding, picked up as the time matched my mobile, and has lost 60 secs over 3 weeks.
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