WatchGecko and CW collab?

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Re: WatchGecko and CW collab?

Post by tikkathree »

hmm, one of those "want to see it outdoors on wrist " designs which look great in the renders but somehow, on my wrist in UK ambient light conditions, sometimes less so.

And is that 50 pieces across the bracelet and two strap options or 50 in each? My expectation would be that strong take-up would see further batches produced. About to watch the MF inerview now...
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Re: WatchGecko and CW collab?

Post by rkovars »

If the NTH colabs are any indicator then they might not make more. The last NTH batch had 4 models of 25 each. Colors were different for each one. They had 2 that were Rolex based and 2 that were Tudor based. 2 of the four sold out within a week. The black sold out in a couple of days. They haven't announced any more for that one. They seem to leave open the possibility each time they do a colas but they haven't returned to any yet.
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Re: WatchGecko and CW collab?

Post by michaelro1 »

Another not a fan from me, too much going on.
Maybe without the hour markers it would have looked a little cleaner.
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Re: WatchGecko and CW collab?

Post by jkbarnes »

This collaboration is now completely sold out!

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Re: WatchGecko and CW collab?

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

^^^^ Yup; only released at 17:00hrs GMT today. :clap: :clap:

UK pricing was/is £1,040 on bracelet and £905 on strap.

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Re: WatchGecko and CW collab?

Post by golfjunky »

It does look good on the grey
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