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Re: Watches...Everywhere...Help!

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Just don't google wrist fetish without including the watch part!
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Re: Watches...Everywhere...Help!

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jimbo wrote:by the way....what was that watch Clarkson was wearing on top gear?
He usually sports a Railmaster I think. I vaguely remember someone on here posting an article about it.
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Re: Watches...Everywhere...Help!

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Kip wrote:
Amor Vincit Omnia wrote:Mickelson and Murray, OK. But this...
Mezzame wrote:Was even checking out Andi McDowell's watch. now when you are looking at Andi Mcdowell from the early 90's and your eye averts to her watch - you've got issues.
I'm sorry, but that is simply unacceptable, and Kip will need to address the issue of your meds with utmost rapidity! :shock:

What was her watch, by the way? :lol:
You most definitely have issues. You must report for special treatments immediately. :laserschwert:

I confess that my first thought was to put you in a cell with Andie McDowell and 1 watch and see what you would look at to see how bad off you are......then I thought that would actually be a reward so I better try it first to see if it works. :lol:
Two day road trip to the Pac North west with Kip's treatment - moderate improvement. Hard to see watches in poorly lit clubs between tumblers of Makers Mark.

Thanks Kip! :thumbup:
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Re: Watches...Everywhere...Help!

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My pleasure.....All for the cause. 8)

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