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Watch of the Year History

Post by Kip »

With our annual Watch of the Year (WOY) vote coming in about 3 weeks, I thought it might be interesting to see how well our final selections have panned out over the years. I think the forum has done well. A couple of busts for sure, for us and CW, but overall pretty good.

What do you think?

C5 Malvern
2012 retired
Base served as development for MKII and MKIII plus Quartz models as well as Several LE variants. Also served as a base for the 3 C50 COSC
versions Final MKIII model retired in 2019.
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C4 Peregrine
2011 retired
Served as a base for the C40 Speedhawk launched in 2012. Only watch to feature an alarm. Revived as a Limited Edition in 2015.
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C6 Kingfisher
2011 retired
The first CW Dive watch. Served as a base for the first CW forum Limited Edition which was an automatic. This in turn developed into the
C60 Trident Automatic launched in 2009. The Tridents evolution continues to this day.
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C8 Pilot
2010 retired
The first pilot watch by CW that launched an Aviation line of watches that continued via MKII models, the Flyers and other different variants
through 2019.
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C40 Speedhawk
2012 retired
Using the C4 Peregrine as a base, this was the first CW automatic chronograph.
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C90 Beckett's
2012 retired
Renamed the C9 Power Reserve, this was the first power reserve model by CW.
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2014 retired
The first of 3 C50 COSC variants based on the C5 Malvern case.
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C900 Harrison SP
2013 retired
A 250 pc. Limited Edition featuring the JJ02 module. This could be considered the first CW Halo watch. Certainly is was the most expensive watch by CW up to that point. This LE and was followed by gold and rose gold bezel LE models.
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C900 World Timer
2017 retired
Featured the JJ03 module that showed a 24 hour dial with a red dot time zone indicator.
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C9 5 Day Automatic
2016 retired
The first In house movement (SH21). Featured a 5 day power reserve. The movement with many variations has become a staple in many
models since introduced.
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C9 Moonphase
2016 retired
The first CW Moonphase. Movement featured the JJ04 caliber that would keep the moon disc accurate to within one day every 128 years if kept
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C1 Grand Malvern Power Reserve
2020 retired
The C1 Grand Malvern Power Reserve was the first model to form part of the C1 range of premium dress watches. Powered by the SH21 movement.
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C60 Trident Bronze Pro 600
2019 retired
C60 Trident Pro 600 Bronze 43mm was the first Trident to be released in a bronze case, with a bronze bezel. The case was available to buy in its raw state or ready patinated. Most future Trident models also had bronze cases available.
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C65 Trident Diver
2020 retired
A manual wound diver that was launched in a new case size and style. The C65 case/range has become a staple in the CW lineup.
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C60 Trident Pro 600 Mk III
Continuing the evolution of the C60 Trident, This MK III version of CW's best selling Trident Pro dive watch had Improvements made to the lume on
dial and bezel, and the watch features an entirely new case and handset.
Reference Gallery

C65 Super Compressor
Although not a Halo model, This was the first genuine super compressor diving watch in 50 years. Using a technology developed in the early days
of dive watches the mechanism, featuring a compression spring, The watch also features an internal dive bezel.
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C63 Sealander Automatic
Launching a new range with a 39mm version of the "Light-Catcher" case. Proving exteremly popular in both base, GMT and the "Elite" version, a
36mm line was added in 2022.
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Sold out - other variants still available
C1 Bel Canto Azzurro Blue LE
CW’s most advanced timepiece yet. The watch combines haute horlogerie with a level of finishing usually reserved for the most exclusive – and expensive – Swiss timepieces. Thanks to the development of the FS01 movement the watch features a “Sonnerie au Passage” hourly chime.
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