Trident C60 Pro 600 MK3 Problem! Help!

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Trident C60 Pro 600 MK3 Problem! Help!

Post by DanyDKS »

Hi Guys,
This is my first post here and I hope this is the right place to post my question.

I have a question about a problem of my watch.

I've recently bought a second hand Trident and I've noticed that the glass has a problem like it has lost the anti reflexive coating over the 10/11 and 1/2.

This watch was bought new in 2020 and after two years unused and placed into the original box with the factory plastic over the case.

Can I do something? (probably not) Do you know how much it cost changing the glass?

I'll add some pics to show the problem

Thank you


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Re: Trident C60 Pro 600 MK3 Problem! Help!

Post by rkovars »

Do you have the original warranty card and paperwork? If you have those the warranty is still valid.

If it were me I would be worried that moisture got in there before you got it. In the event that CW deems it a defect everything would be covered under warranty.

If it is deemed damage from moisture then it would not be covered. In this case a full service with a crystal swap will probably be recommended. The crystal would be an additional charge.

Either way I would start a Serve/Repair request ... pairs.html

Be very specific with the reasons you are sending it back. The more you can describe it the better. You will have to fill out a second form with the same information you just submitted in the link. When you send that form back, send pictures too.
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Re: Trident C60 Pro 600 MK3 Problem! Help!

Post by tikkathree »

I say this with the intent of providing comfort but I have never seen this problem on any CW watch before. I can't say whence came the problem but I feel that it's unusual.
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Re: Trident C60 Pro 600 MK3 Problem! Help!

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

Have you checked it's not some residue on the outside of the crystal from bring wrapped in plastic for two years?


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