Bel Canto Pre-Order Confirmation Email?

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Bel Canto Pre-Order Confirmation Email?

Post by Toy_Boi »

Hello, I recently put a deposit on one of the new Bel Cantos via Pay Pal.

I received the Pay Pal invoice email, but no direct email from Christopher Ward.

Is this normal?
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Re: Bel Canto Pre-Order Confirmation Email?

Post by welshlad »

Hello and welcome to the forum. :wave:

Congratulations on ordering a Bel Canto.

The ordering process for Bel Cantos is a little different to regular watches, e.g. with the deposit stage, so I'm not sure of exactly what emails you should expect to receive and when. But I would expect that an email from CW will be forthcoming at some point soon. Perhaps if you haven't received one by Monday, you could give them a call. I'm sure everything will be fine though, if the funds from PayPal have gone through.
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Re: Bel Canto Pre-Order Confirmation Email?

Post by AJelley »

Hi, I did the same & did get an email from CW… It went to the ‘promotions’ folder on gmail if that helps 🤞