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Re: Interesting points

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I think it was quite a fair assessment. There are elements of the review which aren’t to do with it being a review model that’s been around a bit. Lume, bezel alignment, lug width, and the way the red crown works for example.

The crown I don’t think is related to just this watch, my super compressor doesn’t always pop out when I unscrew the crown. I’m not sure if it’s a movement or a CW issue but it doesn’t bother me or make setting the watch or date difficult. Once it does pop out it works as intended.

The only thing I would say could be put down to someone else handling it was the possible cross threading of the crown making it difficult to screw down.

I’m not a big fan of the Aquitaine and I think this reviewer sums up many other peoples thoughts as well. There was a post recently with others on here giving their first impressions and he mentions many of the issues others raised there.
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