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Re: Incoming!

Post by missF »

I think it looks great with the swish only. :thumbup:
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Re: Incoming!

Post by jkbarnes »

Congratulations! That’s a great initial preview review. Perhaps after some time with the watch you can give us a full review?

Interesting observation about the tropic strap concerning the vent holes. I never noticed that, and now I’ll never not notice that! I hadn’t noticed that before. I think this watch looks exceptional on a beads-of-rice bracelet. Maybe consider that as a slight change up for a bracelet and to distinguish it from other bracelets in your collection.
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Re: Incoming!

Post by ssholloway21 »

Peteo wrote: Fri Jun 03, 2022 10:20 pm
rkovars wrote: Fri Jun 03, 2022 10:08 pm
Peteo wrote: Fri Jun 03, 2022 9:54 pm
My only real gripe is the rubber strap. It's fine, but something about the texture is slightly off-putting. I'm not sure if this is really justified, but I wouldn't be surprised if the strap starts showing its age relatively quickly, particularly the keepers. Some rubber straps (like the one on my old Oris TT1) feel like they're going to outlast you. This one doesn't.
I've had both the black and blue tropic since the first release of the Super Compressor and they have both seen quite a bit of wear. They both look like when they came out of the box. My only complaint is that most tropic straps will have some vent holes. The style looks a little odd without them. Anyway, I don't think you will have any issues. :thumbup:
Thanks. That's encouraging to know. I'm not worried that the thing will fall apart next week or anything. It's certainly in the good enough category. It just feels like a step down compared to the rest of the package.
Just FYI, to me it looks a lot better on the regular hybrid black strap. I changed to it a while back and it is way better (in my opinion)!
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Re: Incoming!

Post by MiniMpi »

Delighted you got it Peteo :clap:

I'd definitely put it on a different, perhaps a camel vintage oak or a blue Tiber.
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Re: Incoming!

Post by rkovars »

It looks great on ALL the straps! :lol:

20210422_132657837_iOS (2).jpg
20201214_182303653_iOS (2).jpg
20201204_143136319_iOS (2).jpg
20201202_173809050_iOS (2).jpg
20201130_201757800_iOS (2).jpg
IMG_1811 (2).jpg
IMG_1866 (2).jpg
20210810_130321587_iOS (2).jpg

I do have a black hybrid strap just in. I didn't wear the SC today to take a pic! I'll update when I wear it again.

EDIT: Added black Hybrid strap
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Re: Incoming!

Post by stefs »

Great pick up.
Trust me on the blue tiber. It sets the watch off better than anything.
Enjoy what is a great watch
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Cheers now, Paul