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Re: Thoughts on How to Cull

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albionphoto wrote:
Peteo wrote: Thu Oct 06, 2022 10:50 pm ^^^ They are two distinct brands under the same parent company, Seiko-Epson. Yes, the Epson that makes printers.
Seiko's ownership structure is a bit more complex than that. The overall company is Seiko Group from October 2022. Seiko and Grand Seiko are made by Seiko watch group which used to be part of Seiko Instruments but now seems to be a standalone company under the Seiko Group. Orient watches are part of Seiko Epson not part of Seiko Watches. Some of the other Seiko brands such as Alba are still part of Seiko Instruments.
Don't you just love a simple corporate structure...
Thanks for the detail! I had heard some of this on a podcast once but it all leaked out of my brain soon after.

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