Thoughts after owning first CW watch

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Thoughts after owning first CW watch

Post by desmodue »

I bought a Nearly New 40mm Trident Pro 600 a few weeks ago. Here are my initial thoughts as a complete newbie.

DHL sucks. They put a hold on my watch after it cleared New York customs and was sitting at the Cincinnati, Ohio hub. 4 days later it made to my door (about 160 miles) They never explained why they held it. It was left on the front porch and when I later got the delivery confirmation text it stated that a signature for delivery was obtained. Nope. I was at home and heard the truck pull up, I saw the truck pull away as I opened the door.

On to the watch. It appeared as new, which was what I expecting based on posts of those that have purchased NN from CW. The 40mm is perfect for my 7" wrist, totally happy with the look and feel. It is a beautiful understated piece of machinery.

It was running when I opened the box, but probably stopped a few times as it sat at various points of the transit. I set the time and checked it the next day without wearing it or removing the protective plastic. It gained about 3 seconds in 24 hours. I removed 3 links and checked the fit, it fit my wrist with the micro-adjust almost all the way out. I added one of the half links that were generously provided, It fit perfectly with the micro-adjust all the way in initially. Over the next several days I ended up adjusting it in and out 2 or 3 notches depending on activity, salt intake etc. Props to CW for manufacturing and providing the half links, I do not think I would have gotten the fit I needed without them.

Accuracy continued at about +3 seconds for several days, then one morning after I was at work I checked the time and it appeared it was off by 25 seconds or so. I thought this was odd and it concerned me a bit, then I realized I was just looking at the second hand and ignoring the actual time it dispayed. It was about 20 minutes slow. OK, let me think about this a must have stopped overnight and restarted when I put it on in the morning to start my day. I manually wound it and reset the time.

I've checked the accuracy every day for about 2 weeks now, it seems to be running at about -1 second per day. The last time I reset the watch was Aug 4, I set it 5 seconds faster than the NIST webpage clock for my US Eastern Time Zone, it currently is 1 second ahead.

I think I got a good one.
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Re: Thoughts after owning first CW watch

Post by jayin07 »

Congratulations, totally a bargain!
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Re: Thoughts after owning first CW watch

Post by Dickchins »

Good to hear all ended up well in the end.

CW do a lot of the small things right. They're not perfect by any means but sonetimes its the details that make the experience overall :thumbup:
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Re: Thoughts after owning first CW watch

Post by Bounce »

:D Glad you are pleased with the watch.

CW do make some very good watches for the price, plus the warranty & service are top notch.

Enjoy you new C60 & don't forget some pics. :D
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Re: Thoughts after owning first CW watch

Post by Amor Vincit Omnia »

-1 is pretty good. And I’m certainly another fan of the adjustable bracelet. I have one on my C65 Trident Diver, and I find the adjustments perfect even without a half link.
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Re: Thoughts after owning first CW watch

Post by jkbarnes »

Congratulations on the new watch. Let’s see some pics!
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Re: Thoughts after owning first CW watch

Post by thomcat00 »

Always glad to hear of another happy member of the CW network. My first CW watch was pre-owned; it pleased me so much with its quality and design that I’ve also bought a couple new watches from the company. I enjoy the various styles to broaden my choices.

I, too, have had a number of less than satisfactory DHL experiences going back over the last 15 years. I live rurally and the nearest DHL distribution location is over 90 miles from me. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t leave me less unhappy with them if I were to make the 4 hour round trips to collect items myself.

So, you’ll have to share some pics of your new to you watch!
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Re: Thoughts after owning first CW watch

Post by JymKhana »

Fantastic bargain. I had no issues with shipping.
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Re: Thoughts after owning first CW watch

Post by tikkathree »

I fear that your DHL experience is a symptom of our times but I'm very glad to hear that you're positive about the CW experience thus far.

Any thoughts on what your second CW watch might be?
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Re: Thoughts after owning first CW watch

Post by Leon O »

It's always nice to hear about a great Christopher Ward experience. Thanks for sharing :thumbup:
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