“The Twelve” is live

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Re: “The Twelve” is live

Post by PowerMalc »

I have a CW C5 Malvern purchased 9 years ago.
I am now seriously thinking of getting the 12(Ti).
However the advertising makes no difference to me, it is the technical details and pictures which are all available on their website that will help me make my decision. I also look at the review videos and articles on the internet.
Again, looking at 'Loupe' it was the articles and not the advertising page that drew me.
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Re: “The Twelve” is live

Post by Emphasis »

Hicksmat wrote: Tue May 16, 2023 6:09 pm You're all forgetting Mike France etc have signed off on the advertising approach. The adverts I've seen for this watch are basically saying they make similar designed watches (to high end) for less money. That is homage territory. Just make your own thing in its own style at a competitive price point for where CW sit in terms of pricing.
I pretty much agree with this, and Christopher Ward has been known to advertise watches while referencing (both by name and pictures) their higher-end "counterparts". I hope they refrain from continuing to do this in the future, as I would much rather have the watches and brand succeed completely on their own merits. In my opinion it's a unnecessary and gimmicky tactic.
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Re: “The Twelve” is live

Post by WileyECoyote »

JAFO wrote: Tue May 16, 2023 8:33 pm
WileyECoyote wrote: Tue May 16, 2023 5:03 pm
If Christopher Ward is capable of making a high quality watch of this design, why isn’t this being done more often?

Just a selected part of your post.

As far as I am concerned CW do already make high quality watches more often. The BC seemed to captured the zeitgeist, and led to a very favourable reassessment of CW, but the whole collection and back catalogue is bursting with desirable watches.

I have 6 CWs, and could easily have bought many more. The only reason to not buy all the CW watches I like is the sheer cost, and the fact that I would end up with too many to wear as much as they deserve to be worn.

I don't have an integrated bracelet watch. I'm not sure about the dial pattern itself, but reviewers haven't been complaining about it. If I do decide a want a watch in this style, I am sure I won't be looking elsewhere. However it's around £1000 that I don't need to spend urgently on an already burgeoning watch collection. There's a few other watches, both CW and non CW that are equally under consideration, and also purchases I don't have to make. (Which my wife frequently reminds me). :D
I couldn’t agree more. Not sure that you understood the intent of my post because I should have finished my sentence better. I agree that CW is making a high quality watch for less money on a consistent basis. My question was “if Christopher Ward can put out a high quality watch at a reasonable price, why don’t other brands do this more often?” In a way, it was a rhetorical question. Of course, other brands could do similar but they feel no compulsion to do so because they are having no problems selling at a higher price due to perceived brand status. My point being if you want prestige in your brand, prestige generally comes at a price! I believe that was exactly the catalyst for the founding of Christopher Ward. The founders identified that customers were being charged for prestige & thought that they could provide a high quality alternative using transparent pricing!

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Re: “The Twelve” is live

Post by Leon O »

With regard to CW advertisements, I have not paid attention to the text; my interest is usually peaked by the pictures. If I see something that may be interesting I'll then look for the price and specs on the website and 3rd party reviews.
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