The Origin of “Swish” and other tidbits

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Re: The Origin of “Swish” and other tidbits

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^^^ No worries, Iain.
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Re: The Origin of “Swish” and other tidbits

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Amor Vincit Omnia wrote: Sat Apr 30, 2022 8:23 pm
A1soknownas wrote: Sat Apr 30, 2022 8:02 pm Is this a CW vanity project or does anyone own a watch that makes sounds like this or would want one?
Quite possibly

Alas, no

Most likely

The C60 Concept was a vanity project to my way of thinking, but it wasn’t my type of thing. Very popular, though. Depending on what it looks like, sounds like and does I might well be interested in this one.
Nice use of colours to break down the responses! Haven't spotted that function before. Every day is a learning day.

You are right, I assume demand will be there then and it might be a limited run anyway. I might have assumed wrongly that it was a show off piece and the reason for buying could be about the horological celebration aspect.

I guess vanity is not a bad thing for the brand themselves if it proves they can do something well. It might be received warmly by the watch industry press but I am not sure of the impact on increasing sales of the established lines like the C60 with the general public, if any.

Does the ever increasing reach of CW and establishing what I guess would be another higher price point for a piece impact on where regular lines like the C60 gradually get pulled towards. It makes sense to get more brand recognition but can this be done through greater recognition of the products it already has rather than another concept or more luxury piece.

I am just thinking of the idea of focussing attention and promoting the great products the brand has and spending time on looking at areas such as those in the 'What would make CW great' thread like Customer Service and QC rather than spreading attention more thinly. CW seem to release a LOT of different watches lately!

Will be intriguing to see whatever it is anyway. And, of course, how it looks with just the 'Swish' :).