Speedpins for straps

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Speedpins for straps

Post by DB »

Does anybody know if Chris is considering to make speedpins available for his straps ?

And if so, is it a consideration to do it on the metal braces as well ?

I rather liked the CW with the straps shown by another forum member. But as in many cases I would like to be able to change straps real quick without tools.

Also it in my view it could be a perfect present if completed like that.

Maybe a small innovative thing Chris ;) ,....speedpind for metal braces.
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Post by joerattz »

I too would like to see quick change pins incorporated into all straps and bracelets if possible.

I have 3 straps I rotate on my MA. The brown one that came with it, a black one, and a blonde one. The blonde one is extra sharp, and really changes the nature of the watch. The color so much matches the dial, that I think people would think it came with the watch more than the one that did. If I had a digital camera, I would love to post some pictures with that strap.

It would sure be nice to have quick change pins for all my straps. Actually now that I think about it, why should all my straps be required to have quick change pins? That isn't feasible anyway. Chris, you should just redesign the lugs so that they make it quicker and easier to change the strap or bracelet. That would be a nice, innovative feature for a watch to have that doesn't seem like it should necessarily add that much to the cost. You just have to come up with a good design.
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