Sealander Name at 12

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Re: Sealander Name at 12

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exHowfener wrote: Thu Apr 29, 2021 10:01 pmNow let's see if all those moaners about the 9 o'clock positioning actually buy one ...
Already have, with the compressor. Wouldn't have gone anywhere near it with the wordmark at 9. It's actually a bit of a concern now that they have reverted to 12.

Edit to take into account the post above from icet512, my new CW purchase was my first since December 2015.
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Re: Sealander Name at 12

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Based on the Watch Gecko interview all three variations are in the bench design book and have been from 2015. France said that 9 o'clock left justified, 12 o'clock centered and Twin Flags only are all part of the current branding and will be used where appropriate. He did say that Twin Flags only is a goal and didn't think the brand had reached recognition enough to make that step.

If you look at the current line up: everything with a 3 o'clock date is 9 o'clock left justified, everything with no date is 12 o'clock center. The new 6 o'clock dates are also 12 o'clock center.

It all kind of makes sense.
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