Repair Process For C20 Lido

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Re: Repair Process For C20 Lido

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Is this the usual process for what is an obvious fault
In a word, Yes.
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Re: Repair Process For C20 Lido

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jmarchitect wrote: Fri Jun 25, 2021 4:55 pm I think it looks better without the surround and I suspect an independent could whip the back off, remove the movement and remove the detached surround with no problems. I wouldn’t want that piece of metal flying around the dial though, so how likely is it the independent could repair damage to the dial or hands caused whilst the watch is in transit?
Whip the back off, pop the crown & stem, flip the watch over catching the movement OR with the watch face down use a pair of tweezers to lift the movement out by taking hold of the rotor. Tip the loose bit out of the case. Put the movement back in, refit crown and stem, refit case back.

Personally I'd glue the window frame back in.

I would not be creating any risk of the loose frame snagging the moving hands.
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Re: Repair Process For C20 Lido

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I’m new to CW, but this is completely the norm for watches inside the Swatch Group, Rolex/Tudor and Grand Seiko. You’re pretty much at their mercy unless you have an independent watchmaker certified to procure parts from the OEM—and I’m not sure CW does that. Even then, they likely want to see the watch. Maybe the factory used insufficient or faulty adhesive; then again, perhaps the watch suffered a significant shock and there is additional damage.

I agree there might be other ways to handle the situation. A few months ago, I cracked the screen on my 16” MBP. Apple quoted me the repair cost for a new lid and screen before I even sent the device in, but included the caveat it might require additional funds if they discovered other issues. However, in the watch industry, what you’re experiencing is the norm: send us the watch and we’ll let you know.