Quick release pin bracelet issue

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Quick release pin bracelet issue

Post by Bounce »

Has anyone else had an issue where the quick release pin lugs on the bracelet dig in to your wrist?

I have put up with it for a couple of days, but today I bit the bullet & swopped them over to standard pins, it feels so much more comfortable.

I must admit I do tend to wear my watch quite tight on my wrist, but I have never had a problem with straps or bracelets before.

I was just curious as to whether other people have noticed this?
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Re: Quick release pin bracelet issue

Post by rkovars »

Haven't noticed it myself. I don't wear them super tight though.
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Re: Quick release pin bracelet issue

Post by welshlad »

I did wonder whether this would be a problem when I got my first QR bracelet, but I haven't found it an issue in practice, even though I do wear my watches quite tight.
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Re: Quick release pin bracelet issue

Post by Amor Vincit Omnia »

I haven’t noticed it at all, to be honest. I can feel the little flanges (is that the word?) when I run my finger underneath the lugs, but I’ve never felt it on the wrist. Again, I tend to wear it slightly loose.
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Re: Quick release pin bracelet issue

Post by ajax87 »

Nope, not me.

How do you wear your watch? Loose/tight, above the wrist bone or below? Maybe that plus the “meatiness” of the wrist could make an impact on some people. Wouldn’t hurt to shift it around to see if it does better elsewhere.
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Re: Quick release pin bracelet issue

Post by Leon O »

I have not noticed that issue, but lately I've worn straps.
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Re: Quick release pin bracelet issue

Post by Qubo »

I have never experienced this.

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Re: Quick release pin bracelet issue

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

Not noticed. I hang loose.


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Re: Quick release pin bracelet issue

Post by thomcat00 »

I’ve not noticed with my quick release straps or bracelets either.
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Re: Quick release pin bracelet issue

Post by Blackdog »

I've noticed the same issue, and I don't wear my watches too tight. It can be quite annoying.

I found that it was more noticeable on a C60 38mm. With my current C60 40mm I can hardly notice it. Not noticeable at all on a Dartmouth.

It depends on the shape/size of your wrist and the size the watch.

On the C60 38 I rounded the corners of the tabs facing the wrist with a small needle file, smoothed with 400/600 sandpaper and problem gone.
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