New C60 Sapphire Orange

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Re: New C60 Sapphire Orange

Post by thomcat00 »

The new orange is really appealing; all the Sapphire line are great looking watches. I’d like to see a red one, too.
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Re: New C60 Sapphire Orange

Post by jimbo »

I suspect this watch will be in the "sales" page before long.... it looks cheap compared to the blue option.

My favourite bash around divers watch is the Orange monster, and I would rather get another of those
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Re: New C60 Sapphire Orange

Post by Deks »

I love the mock up with the abyss case and hybrid black and orange strap. I would buy that combo in an instance!
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Re: New C60 Sapphire Orange

Post by jtc »

CW's very own Irn Bru watch. Quite like it! Shame about all the dial text...

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Re: New C60 Sapphire Orange

Post by rich3586 »

Really like the idea of the sapphires, just hate the bezel!
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Re: New C60 Sapphire Orange

Post by Leon O »

The orange sapphire is interesting, but is not high on my priority list.
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Re: New C60 Sapphire Orange

Post by strapline »

Been looking at this more and more, I think it's a really nice watch. The orange has been appealing to me for a while as a dial colour, it's a nice distraction from the usual dial colour fayre. I think it would really dress down well with a faded pair of jeans or, better still, on a beach holiday. But the watch is in contention with another make that I've had my eye on for a while. Another orange watch done really well imo, but this has a lovely retro feel and quite a back story, or heritage as we like to say in the watch world.

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