moonphase and moonglow comparisons

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moonphase and moonglow comparisons

Post by egeek »

Hi all,

I would like some thoughts from those of you who own (have owned) two of the three moonglow/moonphase watches.
So between the c9 moonphase, the c1 malvern moonphase and the 2019 c1 moonglow, if could only have one of them as a watch for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
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Re: moonphase and moonglow comparisons

Post by welshlad »

Just to clarify, by "c1 malvern moonphase", do you mean the C1 Grand Malvern Moonphase launched in August 2017, or the C1 Moonphase launched in October 2023?

To help the comparisons, perhaps you could post pictures of the three models you are considering?
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