Lympstone ‘vs’ C60 Elite 1000

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Lympstone ‘vs’ C60 Elite 1000

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Hello all, I hope you are keeping healthy?

A while back, I was lucky enough to bag myself a Lympstone model. With my skinny wrists I have never really gone much over 40mm case sizes, but I have been staggered with how easily the Lympstone wears with me - a wider bezel than the C65 range and a lug-to-lug only a millimetre or two bigger means it actually looks smaller, if anything, and still fits my wrist.

So, I am now thinking of adding a C60 Elite 1000 to the collection. It has the same diameter and lug-to-lug, and I am hoping that the lighter titanium case will offset and balance out the increase in depth. I am probably tending towards the blue over the black, but might try either…

Does anyone own both a Lympstone and Elite 1000? If so, how do the two compare as far as wearing goes.

Thanks in advance and keep on keeping safe,

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