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Re: Loupe Magazine

Post by birdfeeder »

Printed. Reading a digital magazine is quite vintage. If going digital it should be more video/podcast style of content imo.
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Re: Loupe Magazine

Post by Kip »

Reading through this topic, I get the impression that many don't realize that Loupe is already available in digital form. Every issue can be found in the CWArchives. The current issue can also be accessed via the CW website.

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Re: Loupe Magazine

Post by Alex r »

I have every issue so far in hardcopy collected and filled.
But I think it's probably time to move it on line I seem to read the watch related articles and flick through the rest as there has not been a lot in the other articles that has piqued my interest, more personal than the standard or quality of the articles.

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Re: Loupe Magazine

Post by Amor Vincit Omnia »

I must admit I prefer the digital copy these days. They are backed up on my iPad and always available on the archive anyway. Although I do look at everything, I tend to read the watch related stuff in depth and skim a lot of the lifestyle stuff, as it doesn’t really align with my lifestyle anyway. :lol:

I’d be perfectly happy not to receive more paper.
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Re: Loupe Magazine

Post by exHowfener »

Well, perhaps I'm old-fashioned but I much prefer a paper copy. I would expect that with the demise of the vouchers, the paper version has a limited lifespan but I think that as a reader I lose something when reading online. I probably wouldn't bother reading the online version unless my attention was brought to an article by a comment on the forum. Actually, I know from experience that I wouldn't read an online magazine.

Of course, it's not about me is it? Whether or not the paper "Loupe" remains is a business decision for CW.
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