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Logo change

Post by Henryanderson »

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forum and also to watch collecting. I have always liked watches but I have recently had some inheritance with the wish that it goes to a watch (as this is what both my grandparents did when they were my age).

I love the look of the CW watches but far prefer the new logo design. Not a huge fan of the “Christopher Ward” on the face itself. I know the new release has updated this. Do we think they will now update other watches with the logo. I love some of the bronze models but I would rather wait until the logo is updated.

Also for a special piece that I expect to keep for a lifetime as my grandparents did which model do you think would be the best choice?

The budget is up to £1500 which seems to cover most of the CW range.


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Re: Logo change

Post by jkbarnes »

Welcome to the forum! Do take a moment to go introduce yourself over on the Member Introduction thread.

As to your questions, I’ve got no idea what to tell you about logo updates on the bronze models.

In regards to your second question, only you can answer that. The only bit of advice I might offer is to choose something that might seem timeless in its appeal to you, you know, something that will look as good to you in year 20 as it did on day 20.
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Re: Logo change

Post by ajax87 »


I believe there is an ongoing/rollover change to the new logo. All newly introduced models from here will have the new logo, and from what I understand, some old models will be updated with the new logo as stock runs out of pieces with the old logo. Perhaps some old models will be discontinued before the change.

As far as what to buy for an heirloom watch, that’s pretty personal. I’d agree with Andrew above though in that I’d probably choose something more understated, more timeless. Something that can be worn in many different settings. For that reason I’d probably stay away from bronze or non standard colors. I’d stick with something stainless steel and a dial of black, white or blue.

But that’s just me. We all have very different personal preferences, and you should buy what YOU will want to wear :D
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Re: Logo change

Post by Didier.O »

I know it doesn't really serve the brand long term (or the logistics of moving watches) but I wish they had a service similar to the engraving one, where you could just choose the version of the logo you want. Some of these old fonts they used to go with would still fit certain watches they produce.
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Re: Logo change

Post by TheCDN »

Am I the only one who would like to see how the logo would look if the flag was use in addition to the Christopher Ward name? I feel like the logo alone is missing something and a combination of both the logo and name together could look great! I would love to see the logo in 3D with the name under it like many luxury brands (Rolex, Zenith, Vacherin Constantin, etc.)
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Re: Logo change

Post by Gu5 »

I do believe the new logo is better, and that there is no room for both logo and text in most watches.

While I appreciate the flags, the symmetry of the geometry and the asymmetry of colours, the trident logo is gorgeous and way better. It would be great if it showed on the crown and dial at least in dive and tool watches.
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Re: Logo change

Post by ttlpjh »

New logo is a big step forward and assume it will be rolled out across the range as models come up for an update.